Treating Canine Separation Anxiety With CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats

With the recent trend of interest in alternative and holistic forms of medicine, many people are searching for safe, pure CBD oil for dogs. People may wonder if best cbd oil for dogs is safe for their dog, since it is not classified as a prescription drug in most states. However, many veterinarians across the country are starting to recommend CBD as a form of treatment for dogs suffering from common ailments like arthritis, epilepsy, depression, anxiety disorders, and even diabetes. Here are some of our top picks for businesses that sell top-grade CBD dog biscuits, CBD oil for dogs, and other pet-related products.

Some companies review and specialize in formulating both human-formulated and animal CBD products, while other businesses offer both pet and human CBD products. The human-formulated version of this medication is usually in capsules that can be taken by dogs daily, twice a day. They are approved by the FDA, but they cannot be purchased over-the-counter in most states because of some of the questions surrounding human CBD. Human CBD is still undergoing clinical trials. The downside to purchasing human CBD is the higher dosage necessary to relieve a dog’s symptoms of anxiety or depression, so you may want to consider a different brand of CBD oil for dogs.

Many anxious dog owners have reported that using CBD has significantly decreased the severity and frequency of their pets’ anxiety attacks and mood swings. It is believed that dogs become anxious or depressed when their brain’s neurotransmitters are disrupted. When they administer human CBD, it helps restore neurotransmitter levels and prevents further stress and anxiety. Therefore, using CBD as a form of treatment can benefit dogs suffering from anxiety and depression, and help curb behavioral problems.

Although we want to believe that there are no serious side effects to using CBD for dogs, there have been some promising studies involving smaller groups of dogs. One of these studies compared the CBD with a variety of other common canine medications and found that CBD was significantly less likely to cause an elevation in heart rate or blood pressure. Another study comparing CBD with Dronmatol showed that CBD had similar anti-anxiety effects as the latter. These results indicate that the long term use of CBD oil for dogs has significant benefits to our Canine Health and Wellness. However, the science behind this phenomenon is still very much in the research stages.

In recent years, we’ve seen many people start taking CBD for dogs, and it is quickly becoming a popular treatment for canine anxiety and depression. There is good evidence that this is a safe and effective method for relieving the symptoms of dogs who suffer from anxiety, as well as other behavioral problems. Using a small amount of cbd oil for dogs has no reported ill effects and can be used continuously for up to six months. Long term use is unknown, but the dosage used in these studies were minimal and typically only applied twice per week.

Recent years have also seen CBD become popular for pets other than dogs and cats. Many consumers are beginning to understand how beneficial CBD is for treating conditions such as epilepsy and other types of disorders. So now, not only can pets benefit from this non-psychoactive ingredient, they can benefit from all of the other positive health benefits associated with this substance as well. As CBD levels in pets increase over time, both their behavior problems will improve, along with their overall health.

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