Public Beta Environment for the past two weeks

The only way the enemy can be safe from a Neeko root is to be out of its range, which just isn’t practical most of the time, especially during laning phase. Throwing Tangle-Barbs through the minion wave when your opponent tries to farm will allow you to catch them easily and set up a gank, or simply allow you to get some poke in. Neeko is a an average middle lane champion in League of Legends. You should start by leveling up her q ability first.

Empowered passive autos will deal big damage and maybe even burst out the squishy enemies. Extremeif i had to be honest for this match up, AD isn’t worth versus the pantheon match up, AP Neeko does way better into this match up. But if you want to give it a try, build early lifesteal and try to poke him down with your Shapesplitter empowered autos. It’s tough to see Riot nerf another champion who was reconfigured with a new item build.

Comes in handy if the enemy team has a lot of CC . Is a must purchase if the enemy has a lot of assassins that can burst you out, having just for a final team fight, or if the enemy has full AD for the extra armour. Is able to continue autoing the enemy for more damage. OkReally great damage with Neeko for the 2v2 but it lacks CC if Rengar cant root his opponent. OkCamille can synergize well with the Neeko ganks with her E to engage. As landing the Hookshot, you should be able to E or Ult your opponent.

It’s easy to scale into the late game due to having most advantages in the laning phase. OkSimiliar to Vi but a little bit stronger with the synergize due to Wukong lowering opponents armour. Once Wukong gets his R, should be easy ganks for easy kills. Executioner Calling can help in this match up but will slow your purchase of Boots.

I’ve been playing Neeko non-stop on the Public Beta Environment for the past two weeks and trying out all sorts of builds and roles. While she does have some strong qualities that could allow her to succeed as a jungler or support, I’ve found that she works best in the mid lane. My mission today is to teach you everything you need to know about The Curious Chameleon!. isn’t endorsed by Riot Games and doesn’t reflect the views or opinions of Riot Games or anyone officially involved in producing or managing League of Legends. We calculated our Neeko build guidance by examining 22,383 recently ranked League games with her in them. We only recommend the best winrate Neeko builds that were built by ranked players enough times for us to suggest them.

Wait for Jax to Engage and stun with his E then use your abilities (root or/and Ultimate) for the easy kill. Only thing he can do for you is killing the top laner with his ultimate. IdealEarly strong junglers like reksai are always the best for Neeko to win the 2v2 in the top lane. Poke him to death and build an Executioner Calling. Down side is Nasus scales way better than Neeko later on in the game. EvenHis Seismic Shard Damage may be annoying but building Lifesteal will fix the damage.

Helps with the movement speed stats to be boosted. Will also help the critical damages in the later game to burst out enemies. Was nerfed to every 3 autos instead of 2 autos. Crit Neeko scales better than the on hit build. NonePoppy’s E can sometimes mis synergize with Neeko’s Roots which leads to bad ganks.

Play aggressive and make sure to constantly poke the opponent. Max her W followed by E and Q or R whenever possible. There is really no downside to the on-hit build and is really effective. You can go with any role except support with this build. She is extremely safe due to her range and her clone. Her team fighting is very strong and her ultimate is a game changer.

This should be followed by a Guinsoo’s Rageblade into Blade of the Ruined King. These two are the core items for the on-hit build. This can be followed by Wit’s End, Runnan’s Hurricane depending upon the situation. OkSimiliar to Vi and Wukong where the ganks are easy kills once he hits Level 6. LowEvelynn can be a good jungler for Neeko but not until level 6.

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