Make a Bid to Become Vegan

The American version of this classic quick-serve recipe uses a blend of butter, onions, tomatoes and bell pepper which are simmered with some light cream or milk in a blender. Not only does the American version have a slightly different taste from the original German version, but it also adds a splash of flavor by using different herbs and spices. There are no calories in fat from the heavy cream used in the original recipe, but the added cream can certainly make it more moist.

Americans who do not cook too often may be unfamiliar with the term” Potato Salad” which is a mixture of potato and green beans usually served during the St. Patrick’s Day. There are two versions of this recipe in America. The first is the American version which can be found in any southwestern grocery store or restaurant. The second version is much milder and is mostly favored at home. The American recipe is made up of three parts: the green beans, the onions and the mayonnaise. As delicious as the original German potato salad is, it s nice to experiment with a different side dish every once in a while and this may be just the thing to put an alternative taste to the traditional recipe.

For the original recipe, we started with four cups of dry beans, four pints of skim milk, three tablespoons of tomato paste, one tablespoon of dried oregano, one tablespoon of dried parsley, and three and a half tablespoons of grated cheese. We strained the solids and placed the blended beans in a bowl. Then we added two tablespoons of the mayonnaise. Once the ingredients were well mixed, we stirred them together until they were thoroughly blended. Then we reduced the heat and let the mixture stand for about fifteen minutes so that it could begin to blend. Click here for more information about modern restaurant chairs

When it was ready, we cut the prepared salad into pieces and separated the green beans from the other ingredients. We evenly spread the mixture across the bottom of the bowl and put several spoonfuls of the cheese over the top of the green beans. Then we spooned some of the mayonnaise onto the top and gently stirred. We served the dish on top of some crisp lettuce leaves and the husband was impressed.

Two weeks later, our daughter’s birthday came around and my mother asked me to make a variation on the sweet potato salad that my grandmother used to make. I was eager to oblige because I love to eat food that is prepared by someone else and to have this variation on her favorite old recipe was a way to make her happy. This time, instead of using a can of soup, we used sweet potato (which I had saved) in the place of the mayonnaise. In addition, we used sour cream and sour cherries in place of the sugar.

It was delicious! The sweet potato salad with the vegan aioli dressing was absolutely delicious! Everyone who tried it was raving. So if you are looking for a good way to upgrade your old-fashioned recipe, try this delicious variation on a well-known vegetarian recipe. Both you and your family will love it!

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