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Logic pro x sample rate issue free

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Have you guys had this problem?Missing: free. Jun 05, · Logic Pro ; Sample Rate Issue Sample Rate Issue. By Wolfie, June 5, in Logic Pro. Share. You can try to force it to a standard 44 or 48 in logic settings. (File/project settings/ audio). You could also try setting the sample rates to. The project’s sample rate determines the number of samples Logic Pro uses for audio playback. When you record or add audio files to your project, their sample.


Logic pro x sample rate issue free


The higher the sample rate, the more audio processing power is required when working on the project. CDs and many music streaming services use the rate of Some audio files in your project may not match the newly selected sample rate. You can match the sample rate of individual audio files to the project sample rate in the Project Audio Browser. Logic Pro performs a real-time, native sample rate conversion. The native software sample rate conversion function matches the sample rate of any audio hardware, thereby allowing the playback of projects on virtually any audio system, even if the hardware is—in sample rate terms—not compatible.

Nothing is lost in the process. This feature allows you to work on projects originally created on high-end audio systems, with lower-end setups. For example, imagine a project was created with audio hardware set to operate at 96 kHz. The native real-time sample rate conversion function will counteract this effect, allowing correct playback of the project on the portable computer, at any sample rate.

Note: Higher sample rates not only use up more disk space, but also require more processing.


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