Information on Steroids Medicine

Steroids medicine is one of the major topics of conversation these days, especially since the issue of steroids use in sport emerged. Steroid use has been condemned by many people as not only unsportsmanlike but also dangerous to one’s health. However, there are still those who support the use of steroids, and that debate largely revolves around two opposing points of view – the medical point of view and the ethical point of view. Both sides have plenty of valid points to make.

Those against the use of steroids generally point out the numerous side effects caused by their regular usage. The most obvious is the damage to ones’ physical body. Steroid abusers will often suffer from the formation of heart related diseases and blood clots. Other associated diseases include eye-related problems, kidney failures, and other such ailments. These side effects can prove fatal in case they are untreated or undiagnosed. Moreover, steroid abusers will also suffer from the pituitary gland related disorders, with their testicular weakness leading to impotence or infertility.

On the other hand, those in support of the use of steroids point out the innumerable advantages that it brings in athletes and sports persons. Using this medicine will help players and athletes to increase their energy levels and enhance their performance. Sustained strength and endurance are acquired through regular use of steroids. This helps in building muscles, boosting the immune system, preventing cancer, and reducing the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and hypertension. In the long run, a person will be stronger and healthier.

When it comes to using steroids medicine, it is advised to opt for natural remedies over prescription medicines. It is argued that natural remedies have lesser side effects than the prescription drug. The most important fact about steroids medicine is that it should not be used as a ‘do-all’ drug, but should be used to treat a diagnosed medical condition. When using steroids in the treatment of a disease, the body might develop adverse side effects, which will lead to further complications if proper precautions are not taken. Theseauctions, via sites such as testosterone cypionate for sale to understand what chances you have.

It is also important to mention that the use of steroids medicine should be regulated, and the dose should be checked regularly by a physician. Overuse of steroids can lead to damage to the kidney, heart, liver and other organs of the body. This damage will result in higher blood pressure, increased cholesterol, decreased sex drive and depression. Furthermore, long term use of steroids will expose the user to greater risks of cataract, osteoporosis, kidney stones, cancer and other kidney diseases.

Another serious side effect of steroids medicine is the fact that it can cause the death of an individual if not used properly. If the dosage is stopped abruptly, severe chest pain, seizures, loss of consciousness and breathing irregularity may occur. An overdose of steroids can lead to severe heart failure, kidney failure, pulmonary embolism and sudden death. Hence, the use of steroids should be regulated and should only be used under the advice of a trained professional.

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