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It was initially started as an online alternative to Microsoft Excel, but it has now come into its own. Google Sheets lets you create different spreadsheets for your individual needs. You can share these with others or allow access to specific people within the organization that need only certain data. If you share an editable version of your Google Sheet with customers, they could delete or change anything on the spreadsheet – so that option is off the table. While if you share a view-only version, customers can’t easily add comments and notes to provide details about feature requests they want to upvote.

Let’s go over the top benefits of using Google Sheets templates for business. Nothing on this page creates an attorney client relationship and is not legal advice. If you want professional information, please consult your own attorney. They should be regularly updated as priorities change and new information arises. “Next” are items you’re committed to and will work on down the road.

Analyzing data helps you make decisions which are informed and free from bias. Our users’ experience with the app drives not only improvements but also lays the foundation for our product roadmap. Mural also created a quarterly roadmap template if you prefer to plan for the more immediate future. All of Excel’s free templates include a worksheet for entering data, which automatically updates the visual roadmap.

To begin creating your roadmap, you can either click on Timeline from scratch from the web tool’s New tab or select one of the templates available. In our demonstration, we opted for the former so you can see how the whole process goes from start to finish. A simple product roadmap google sheets by keeps investors or shareholders focused on the big picture and how it is developing, this is key to avoid the common short term worries from them.

A template knows what you need and offers it without any manual input, giving you the ability to focus on more important things — such as making sense of the data itself. Just enter your contact information in the form on the right, and you can instantly download this template (along with all the other templates in this collection!) That’s it. Add your company’s name and the year to the top of the template. Hire a Partner Find a partner in our global community of service providers who can help you grow.Partner With Us Explore our sales, agency, and app partnership programs. Ease of use – Everyone on your team already knows how to use Google Sheets so you can avoid the learning curve of using a new tool.

Keep all stakeholders apprised of construction project progress with this dynamic construction project timeline template. Enter construction task name, status, and start and end dates to account for each construction task and its progress. The timeline bar graph helps makes it easy to keep tabs on task-by-task and overall project progress.

Streamline your product management workflow with this Product Roadmap with Gantt template. Prepare for product launches and updates with row hierarchies, project management settings, and milestones. Visualize your roadmap on a Gantt view and share it with your team, your investors, or your customers. Now visualize yourself relaxing on a beach, fruity drink in hand.

The chart makes it easy to identify project dependencies and plan accordingly. In May 2022, Google introduced two new additions to the smart canvas to enhance collaboration. Using drop-down options and table templates, it’s easier than ever to manage projects and tasks in Google Docs. We will create a project from scratch, add relevant details, and finally invite team members to manage it in this post. This is one of the biggest differences between a roadmap and a random collection of ideas. A great product management roadmap spells out the priority of features in an instantly understood way, along with a timeline for these priorities.

And “Later” are things you might or might not work on in the future. According to this roadmap, it will focus on initiatives and fronts, it will not go into detail on what will be done in every detail and delivery of the team. However, sometimes a technical or security debt is too large or important to be simply backlogged. It would be critical for business that it had better communication. Feeling inundated with too many spreadsheets, repetitive data entry, and version-control issues?

Google Sheets Finds many matched rows (500 max.) by a column and value. For feedback or notifications we would like to ask you to sign-in. This helps us providing a high-quality feedback experience. Board to track the top level themes and epics you’re working on. New features are bucketed into categories, categories live under the theme, and are often epic level.

Plus, the template is customizable, so you can create a theme that aligns well with your brand image. Spreadsheets are popular tool for bookkeeping and invoicing. Even if you don’t use them as your primary business tool, they can supplement other tools. For instance, you might use a free CRM to track customer information, then use a Google Sheets invoice template to quickly create invoices for each customer.

A product roadmap can work wonders for both your internal teams and those on the outside. The simple product roadmap template also proposes to add milestones on your timeline. These major events will visually reflect how your product development is moving forward. Lucidchart’s free product roadmap template uses an agile board layout, with timeframes and epics in columns and rows to assign tasks by team. Canva’s product roadmap template has a simple board layout and contains columns for each quarter, while tasks are sorted into rows for separate teams.

CRM lets you keep track of your contacts, who they work for, and what you need to do for them. If you want your product roadmap to feel more like a traditional roadmap, you can print it out on a large plotter printer. Tear off a corner, fold the roadmap 14 times, spill some coffee on it, and shove it into your glove compartment. Then get a co-worker to impatiently yell at you while you try to read it. When used offline, roadmaps are usually shown as a presentation in meetings or as supportive info together with other documents.

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